Prof. Vincenzo Naso
Vincenzo Naso
ICSS 2010 Chairman, CIRPS Director
What is happening with Sustainability Science is unique.The birth and development of this new Science is based on the international and trans-disciplinary interaction of leaders, forward thinkers, researchers from leading universities, industry, society and institutions.

The mission and the challenges that Sustainability Science faces and the opportunities it opens might not be there in the future. The possibility of achieving global sustainability is entirely dependent upon the respect of the delicate boundaries of nature. The consequences of what may be irreversible damages that the present generations are incurring on nature cannot possibly be paid by the future ones.

The local and global environmental deterioration, the extreme poverty and hunger afflictingmore than one billion people, and the recent financial crisis are unequivocal symptoms of the urgency for change. The role of science and technology, related research and development, and knowledge networking are fundamental. Training and education institutions represent an important driver of change and have to collaborate with the different stakeholders, which include the government, the private and public sectors and the civil society.

However the limits of traditional disciplinary approaches to the complex problems that threaten global sustainability are strong. Sustainability science has the ambitious aim of overcoming these limits and link the scientific understanding of human - nature systems with action to achieve sustainability.

ICSS2010 gathersand links world scientific leaders in Sustainability Science and representatives from industry and civil society. ICSS2010 is not only an academic event, the interaction of the different stakeholders and the organization of the global network plays a central role in the conference.

CIRPS Sapienza University of Rome feels a great responsibility and is honoured to co-organize this important event and I am delighted that the conference will be held in Rome, from the 23rd to the 25th of June 2010.

Vincenzo Naso
Chairman, ICSS 2010
Director, CIRPS Vincenzo Naso